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Mountainous Region of Shajjyn-5
Jungles of Shajjyn-5
Lakes and Mountains of Shajjyn-5
Caves of Shajjyn-5
Basic Data of Shajjyn -5

The planet, Shajjyn-5, takes approximately 3.3 Earth days to rotate on itself. The average time that the planet takes to rotate around its sun, Beta Novus, is around 1,204.5 Earth Days. The planet can be distinguished from afar based on its bright red color thanks to the color of the soil and its vegetation. The planet is also surrounded by two moons which make it the most distinguishable out all the planets in the solar system.

Biomes & Ecosystems

The biomes and ecosystems found in the planet range from pointy mountainous regions to dense and dangerous jungles. These different ecosystems are filled with bizarre and hostile creatures, mostly predators, including the insects and smaller life forms in it. The jungle’s rules are simple, kill or be killed, so any wanderers or hunters must be weary of they themselves not being hunted down. The planet also includes extensive caves, which the Shajjyni people claim are inhabited by the spirits of their ancestors, and filled with knowledge of immense, yet dangerous power. The planet’s sources of liquids aren’t any friendlier than its own life forms, creating a harsh environment in which only the strongest and toughest are capable of surviving. The lakes and rivers of “water” are in fact lakes of acid rain mixed with wastes brought in by the people of “Outer Haven”.


The Shajjyni people are not a very advanced race, not possessing the ability of space travel and limiting themselves to explore their own planets. Although they have managed to develop new technologies, or adopt some of them thanks to certain moments of trading with the people of “Outer Haven” who are clearly more technologically advances, which is obvious given their trade stations and modern cities.

Current Inhabitants

The current inhabitants are its natives called the Shajjyni people along with colonists from all around the galaxy, who have formed a sort of an “Outer Haven” for them. The kind of people can range from bounty hunters to merchants, which has caused some dispute between them and the Shajjyni people, mainly over land issues, but also for the merchants seeking to take full control of the planet.


The people of Shajjyn-5, especially the inhabitants, believe in the god: “Shynjjani”, who according the people, was the first being to walk among the planet, first encountering it as a great rock floating in space, created the planet it is now, along with the rest of its uninhabited solar system. The Shajjyni people claim that he then created his own spouse to populate the planet of his own kind. Even though Shynjjani died 2 centuries after that, he separated himself from his mortal body and finally unleashed his full might as a god from the afterlife. Having taught his people all of his life, about how to achieve the immortality of the soul, his traditions carried on to being the deity he is now today. The rest of the people from “Outer Haven” have no beliefs in gods or spirits.

Language Structure

Their language is a sequence of symbols and logograms, similar to Earthly languages like Mandarin or Japanese. Each symbol can represent a certain syllable, which in total are 27 symbols, leading to a limited amount of words, which they have managed to counter through use of accents, and different pronunciations. Even if a word is written the same as another, its pronunciation can change its entire meaning.


The main form of government of the Shajjyni people is a clan style of government, with a clan leader and several individuals of higher status, and individuals of lower status. These clans are separated by the different villages, each one with their own leader. On the other hand the government of “Outer Haven” is decentralized and even though its people live within one city, the city has no central power, which allows people to work together to improve it rather than leave it at the hands of one single group.

Economy & Trade

The economy and trade of the Shajjyni, is based off trading with their own species for resources and artifacts that the different towns share amongst each other. The only instance where they share with any “outsiders” is when some Shajjyni venture themselves into “Outer Haven” in hopes of discovering new things and advancing their people’s evolution. The people of “Outer Haven” base their own economy on trading with various planets or individuals. Since “Outer Haven” does not have a central government no representatives are sent to make deals with planets, it’s mainly a matter of any individual looking to bring in money and thus powering and giving fuel to the economy, based on several jobs and the sale of items and resources. 

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